School Participation-Best Performers

ScienceUtsav, in collaboration with the American India Foundation, is conducting specially designed Curriculum-based STEM (C-STEM) workshops for students of the Vigyan Jyoti programme, being run by the Department of Science and Technology. Through these sessions, important concepts from each chapter are taught to students with a STEM-based pedagogic approach to empower the students to become design thinkers and problem solvers.

The first C-STEM Session for Vigyan Jyoti scholars was conducted on August 11th, 2023 on the topic: ‘Science Camp’. A Quiz was also designed for the students to test their conceptual and practical understanding of the topic based on what was taught in the session.

This Hall of Fame is for recognising Schools that had the best participation in the C-STEM Session as well as to recognise Students who performed exceptionally in the Quiz. ScienceUtsav and AIF congratulate these schools and students on their participation and performance.


STEM Festival

Chemical Reactions_Snapshots

STEM Festival_Snapshots